Условия пользования

Дата последнего обновления: 10 ноября 2017
    1. By downloading the Company’s software Act2018 or DataBase, You agree to the Terms and conditions, stipulated by the current Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use” or “Terms”). If You do not agree to such Terms and conditions please, do not try to download the Software. These Terms govern Your use of the Software, only in accordance with this Terms. Under this Terms, we grant You the right to install and run one instance of the software on Your computer, for use by one person at a time.

    1. Software - a set of instructions in form of words, numerals, codes, schemes, symbols or in any other kind, expressed in the computer-readable form, which put it in action to achieve a particular aim.

    2. Technical Support - shall mean the process of the Software installation, configuration, adjustment, as well as elimination of defects and errors of the Software after its delivery to the Licensee under this Agreement.

    3. Computer - shall mean a desktop computer, a laptop, a netbook or similar Licensee’s device, intended for reading electronic files and use the Software, License for which is transferred under this Agreement.

    1. While using the Software You are granted with a right of install and use the Software distributed with this Terms within three (3) month on ONE specified computer within the License scope.

    2. The licensed Software can be used EXCLUSIVELY for Your internal and economic activities for the purpose of providing Your clients with the services, with the restrictions provided herein. It is forbidden to use the License for other purposes not stated herein.

    1. Unless permitted by this Terms, You must:

      • not modify, port, adapt, or translate the Software

      • not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software

      • not use or offer the Software on the service bureau basis

      • not host or stream the Software or allow anyone to access the Software through the Internet or other access the Software remotely

      • not conduct a public demonstration of the Software on an ongoing basis and temporarily, in whole or in part

      • not rent, lease, sell sublicense, assign or transfer Your rights in the Software to the third parties, or authorize any portion of the Software to be copied onto another device.

    1. The territory of use of the Software is the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  6. TERM
    1. You are entitled to use the Software within the terms provided in an appropriate License Agreement You have entered into.

    2. After the expiration of the license or in the case of early termination of the License, the Company have the right to block access to the Software.

    1. The Software requires You to take certain steps to activate it. You have uploaded the Software from the electronic linkage provided by the Company. The e-mail with electronic linkage, that the Company has sent to You, also contain the licensed key for the Software activation, as well as usage instruction and the Software documentation. Please use this licensed key to activate the Software.

    1. While using the Software You will be provided with FREE Technical Support, which You can gain from 9.00 to 17.00 in compliance with the Federal Republic of Germany timezone, and only on working days.

    2. You also have an opportunity to use PAID Technical Support, which You can obtain upon the request. Paid Technical Support has no time frames and shall be provided twenty-four hours per day seven days a week

    1. The Software and all rights for it, including intellectual property rights, belong to the Company. These rights are guaranteed by the international treaties and all other applicable legislative provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    2. Internal structure, constitution and the Software code is valuable commercial and confidential information, owned by the Company. Any copies shall contain original marks on the protection of intellectual property and other notifications of intellectual property rights, represented on the Software.

    3. All rights to the Software are reserved by the Company.

    1. The Company respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects You to do the same. If You are a witness of infringement of the Company’s copyright by other users of the Software or third parties, please immediately send to the Company’s official Email with notification of claimed infringement and other notices regarding the information about the violation of these Terms of Use.

    2. The current official Company’s Email is: support@zubi-soft.de

    1. Сonfidential information – is any information, concerning the Company activity, his organized structure and transactions, including, but not limited to financial, advertising and operational information, information about commercial relations, including relations regarding the Software, You have been provided.

    2. You are obliged to (a) store all confidential information strictly confidential and not disclosure it to the third Parties entirely or party; (b) use confidential information only for the purposes defined by the Terms; (c)take regarding confidential information security measures and degree of car, not less, than to Your own confidential information in those moments, when it is necessary to provide such measures of its relevant protection from unsanctioned disclosure, (d) not use Confidential information for commercial purposes.

    1. The Company does not collect information about Your clients and/or partners. All information, which You gain from Your clients and/or partners stays under Your charge and is not transferred to the Company.

    2. The Company does not share or abuse Your email address. The Company definitely do not sell it to the third parties.

    3. We may use Your email only to deliver information regarding updates, customer services and technical support.

    4. The Company is committed to protecting the security of Your email.

    1. The software and all services are provided “as is”. the company makes any other warranties, conditions or undertakings, exapt that proviede in the license agreement and in the terms of use. the company makes no warranty (i) that the software will meet your requirements, (ii) regarding the results or output of the software.

    1. Terms of Use of the Software are also regulated by and specified in the License agreement You have entered into.